Introducing innovative Quooker taps

Intending to make cooking as simple as possible, Quooker offers users the luxury of hot, cold, and boiling water right at their fingertips. Carefully crafted to fit in any style home, the Quooker is not just handy but also an extremely safe choice for every household. Since the foundation of the company, Quooker has been working to create high-quality, innovative, and durable products. Each tap is designed with the customer in mind, attempting to help users save precious time. With a Quooker’s ability to provide instant hot water, users never need to wait for the water to boil, saving extra time in the consumer’s busy day.

Each tap is also designed to save energy as well as water. The Quooker COMBI tank is the first ‘boiler’ in the world with high-vacuum insulation, using 50 percent less energy than a kitchen boiler. Additionally, the Quooker helps to reduce the amount of water used in each household as consumers no longer have to keep the water running, waiting for the temperature to rise. Quooker has also taken into account that kitchen space is often a limited and precious element. For this reason, Quooker has designed their pumps to be compact and fit comfortably under any kitchen sink, opening up space that was once occupied by a kettle. Once again, users can enjoy a clean kitchen and remove additional clutter from their countertops.

Among all its innovations, Quooker includes an active carbon filter in each tank that works to purify the water and reduce the calcium level. Furthermore, because the tank keeps the water at a temperature of 110 degrees, users can rest assured their water is always fresh. The Quooker line includes a variety of models all in different finishes. All products are constructed with the utmost care to provide users with a pleasurable experience.

Some of the wonderful attributes associated with the revolutionary Quooker Taps are:

  • Dispenses everything from the same tap: hot, cold, and boiling and, in combination with the CUBE, crisp sparkling and filtered water
  • Dispenses real boiling water – 100°C
  • Dispenses filtered water – cleaner and fresher water for your family
  • Uses less energy – energy label A for COMBI
  • Is safer to use
  • Has a much more compact tank
  • Has a longer life – each tank can be opened and rinsed out from time to time
  • Can be connected to the hot water pipe.
  • Following in their founder’s footsteps, Quooker strives to produce a tap that provides customers with quality water and allows the cooking experience to be enhanced and even more enjoyable.