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Are independent kitchen companies expensive?  I’d always answer no, not especially. Ok, we’re not considered cheap per se – but cheap is rarely good. And good kitchens are never cheap. We actually offer exceptional value for money or, as our preferred supplier, Pronorm states – a favourable price/performance ratio.

Invest in the Heart of the Home

A new kitchen is a big investment, there’s no doubt about that. However, given how a new kitchen improves a home and the value it adds to a property, it’s a good investment. A safe investment. The kitchen is the heart of the home. All the best parties finish up in the kitchen. Life happens in the kitchen. These sayings have all become clichés because they’re true.

“The kitchen really is the castle itself. This is where we spend our happiest moments and where we find the joy of being a family.” Mario Batal

We chose to work with Pronorm Kitchens because their ethos very much reflects our own. Yes, they’re a German company, so quality is a given, but it’s more than that.

Pronorm’s website tells the story:

“Our competitors don’t even compare. We put customers, not products, at the centre of all we do and think:

What does the customer need?

What appeals to them?

What are their expectations, requirements, and values?

By answering these questions, we can develop what makes us stand out and what makes us so unique: Exactly the right kitchen, meeting the highest expectations for quality with a modern yet timeless design. Of course, our kitchens are always made in Germany, as sustainably as possible. They are then perfectly planned and implemented via selected dealers and installed to be the heart of a family’s cooking, living space, and life for many years to come around the world.”

We Make the Best Kitchens

Often, a client visits almost apologetically. They’ll say they aren’t sure they can afford a proper kitchen company kitchen. They’ve invariably been to one of the countless faceless big kitchen companies. You know the sort, with splashy TV ads promising big value and ‘free’ finance. The big showrooms and sales-led design appointments made it seem so easy. But it was so salesy. And the quotes didn’t really match the marketing. And fitting was extra. And… But still, the client is concerned. Are they wasting our time going through the design and quote process?

The simple answer is no, you are NOT wasting our time. In fact, you are highly likely to be pleasantly surprised. The initially apologetic clients often are. That’s a wonderful feeling – even though we KNOW we have the edge in every area (unless that cavernous showroom and those pushy design consultants float your boat).

Independent Kitchen Suppliers Rule OK

Before we address the supposed ‘free’ or interest-free finance elephant in the room, let’s just examine what you get when you choose a local, independent kitchen specialist. A local independent kitchen company:

  • Is often competitive compared to big kitchen companies, and their price includes installation.
  • Can often offer a wider range of options to suit, as they are not tied to a single supplier.
  • Has an expert designer – not just a cad-trained sales rep who will be able to devise clever solutions and work around problematic spaces that a big retailer lacks the expertise for.
  • Relies on recommendations and referrals, so they have to be good. They simply HAVE to satisfy customers as they rely on that local reputation and on recommendations. Appleton Designer Kitchens is run and managed by the owner. Our living relies on our business succeeding.
  • Will only supply the best quality kitchens, because of the above. Ditto appliances and accessories.
  • Doesn’t need to cover the costs of huge marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Avoids the costs of massive showrooms and an army of salespeople.
  • Is often part of the community and gives back.
  • Will spend as much time as you need and a lot more care over the initial planning. The big firms’ salespeople will need to rush from client to client.
  • Will quickly and professionally correct any problems and deal with any snags. Likewise queries and concerns.

So far, so clear cut. It all makes sense, doesn’t it? With a local kitchen supplier – yes, such as Appleton Designer Kitchens – you’re guaranteed superb quality, sublime service and unmatched aftercare coupled with invaluable experience and expertise. There is no expensive marketing or behemoth of a showroom to subsidise. All that, and an absolute need to do well, so every client matters. Every single one.

There’s No Such Thing as a Free Lunch

But. And this is the big but, isn’t it? Yes, our kitchens and our service are better. Our value is irrefutable – often beating those immense kitchen conglomerates on price by a long stretch. Nonetheless, a kitchen is always going to represent a sizeable investment. Those big kitchen companies offer ‘free’ credit, don’t they? Well, no, not really. You’ve heard the saying ‘there’s no such thing as a free lunch’. So, it is with that supposedly interest-free credit. Because, actually, those kitchens usually cost rather more than ours. They’re not as good. The design service can’t match ours. The fitting is often expensive, even inferior, with no project management.

So, ultimately, you’re looking at an inferior kitchen. A higher price. Inexpert design. Expensive fitting. No project management, and no committed aftercare. That free finance comes at a cost. Literally. Choose your kitchen supplier wisely. Cheap kitchens and ‘free’ finance can be very expensive mistakes.

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