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As far as frequently asked questions in my showroom go, Induction or Gas? is right at the top of the list.

The answer?

Induction – every time. Here, I’m going to explain why this is, and also give you my recommendation to the right choice of induction hob.

From my experience, 9/10 customers choose to go with an induction hob without any influence from a kitchen retailer at all, and without really understanding what makes them so unique.

Why? Because the first tick in the box is that they’re always aesthetically pleasing.

Throw in the fact that they cook faster and lose less heat in the process, making them more energy-efficient than gas or electric. What’s not to love?

But what is Induction Cooking?

Now for the nerdy science bit.

On the surface, induction hobs aren’t too dissimilar to other modern cooktops, but beneath the surface – they don’t have burners. Instead, they use electromagnetic energy to heat pots and pans directly.

This method of direct heat means that the surface of the hob remains cool; not only can you say goodbye to skin burns, but also burnt food.

They are super easy to clean, and can be wiped down seconds after removing your pan from the hob.

The same smart technology is what makes them extremely versatile, gentle enough to melt butter and chocolate but powerful enough to boil 16oz of water in 60 seconds!

My personal favourite is the Bora Glass Ceramic Induction Hob

Image of the Bora Glass Ceramic Induction Hob with a couple of pots cooking food.

Beautifully seamless in its design, with touch screen technology, the Bora induction hob is an injection of revolutionary style in any kitchen.

I’ve designed kitchens for many clients where we’ve added the Bora Induction Hob to the central island, and many of them say it’s been the main point of discussion of their dinner parties!

It’s such a versatile style of induction hob, and works in any kitchen design. Take a look at our projects for some inspiration.

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